Our Network

The program has established a network of around twenty schools (displayed in green on the map below) throughout Israel with students from varying cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds, including the communities of Haifa, Jerusalem, East Jerusalem, Gedera, Daliat El Carmel, Shfaram, Kfar Manda, Kibbutz Evron, Kfar Silver, Netivot, and Lod.

A growing number of in-country and international Rotary Clubs, along with other partnering organizations, have supported and are committed to expand upon RHAW’s initial programming phase, with the goal of building cross-cultural ties through the students’ shared experience of water conservation and environmental stewardship, serving to break down communication barriers and mistrust amongst the disparate youth and eventually leading to peaceful cooperation.

Numerous schools have been identified as future partners (displayed in blue on the map below) and RHAW hope to engage them in its next rounds of programming. The leadership of each school has been vetted, approached, and has shown great interest in joining the cross-cultural network.

Map Notes:

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