How It Works


Students present rainwater system data to their peers

The school’s faculty and students engage in ongoing collaborative activities, jointly working towards the goal of protecting their shared environment.

    • Rainwater harvesting systems installed in the schools are utilized as one of the primary tools for educating students on pertinent water-related topics such as weather patterns, rainfall measurements, conservation, interconnectedness of shared resources, and operational needs of the harvesting system.
    • Other off-site activities are utilized as a means for student engagement and learning, from Israeli’s ancient water well and aqueduct system to its innovative desalination and water pumping plants.
    • The school’s teachers and principals are trained in a one-day workshop to use educational software, administered by the Youth, Water and Knowledge Program, which they then use to facilitate related lessons throughout the year.
    • Sustainability of the effort would be realized by school and community commitment and eventual integration into the national curriculum of Israel’s Ministry of Education.

Students alongside a rain barrel system