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Pg 2 Lod Pilot project (Rotary Grant 78955)

Can peace building work in an area with historically significant conflict between Arabs and Jews? The answer is YES.

Peace building: The Rainwater Project allowed Arab and Jewish students in Lod , a very diverse and conflict ridden area,  to work together and collaborate on their science projects. Especially noteworthy was the visit by students from an Arab school in east Jerusalem to Gani Aviv school in Lod. There was also  joint gardening at the Agro School from nine schools in the area both Arab and Jewish. This working together allowed for communication leading to trust building and understanding.

Education:  A key part of the rainwater program is learning about water problem issues and technologies to address them.

The school projects helped students better understand the importance of water, the water cycle and conservation and demonstrated a historically valuable technique for water use.

Water conservation: Rainwater harvesting provides one system of water conservation. Rain harvesting is a process of collecting rainwater in storage tanks. This is a way to save a precious resource and supply it for school needs. Hi Teach powerpoint: Lod Gani Aviv – YWK presentation.pptx     Donate

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