Hands Across Waters is a joint program of Rotary International and the Southwest Center for the Study of Hospital and Health Care Systems 501(c)3  For the past 8 years this collaboration has addressed the water crisis in the Middle East through a program of education, science projects, field trips, school competitions and technology conferences based on a multidisciplinary STEAM approach.  It has done this through cross-cultural exchanges and peace building focusing on the need to conserve water and use it more efficiently. 

The success of the program is seen in its recognition by Rotary International as one of its 20 most noteworthy global grants and the award of 5 consecutive RI grants. Joint funding from RI and SWC  has allowed the program to exceed its goals for schools in Israel in each of the 3 phases of the program.  Instead of 30 participating schools, more than 70 have been in the program.  These have included, Jewish secular, Jewish religious, Muslim, Arab Christian and Druze school.

At the same time, its success has attracted worldwide attention and requests for assistance to replicate the educational program in other countries.  Some 15 countries have shown interest in the program including India, Poland Albania, Kosovo and the U.S. While Israel’s governmental and private source of support has grown, now amounting to 60% of the program’s funding, the rapid expansion of HAW and its new twinning effort to help other countries in need requires additional support.  After reviewing the information on this website, we ask that you donate to this important social action education program.

Donations for the Hands Across Waters program can be made by sending your check made out to the Southwest Center for the Study of Hospital and Health Care Systems to Dr. Gerald Sussman, SWC, 1837 Monte Carlo Way, Coral Springs, Florida 33071 or directly to the SWC account using the QR code.

Amnon Shefi PhD Director Hi Teach program